From clothing and souvenir shops, to art galleries and antique stores, the Leelanau Peninsula has plenty of shopping for visitors.

Michigan's "pinky" is an art lover's paradise. Virtually every town has handmade art and crafts aplenty. Glen Arbor is home to a wide variety of art galleries selling both art from across Michigan, as well as from local artists that live right in the area.

As you drive across Leelanau Peninsula, you can find antiques and collectibles in stores, boutique shops, and even local barn sales. With a history of farming and fishing, you can find some unique antiques that fit a variety of styles and décor.

Souvenir shopping is a staple on any vacation, and a trip to the Leelanau Peninsula will have you bringing home mementoes of your travels. Looking for t-shirts or hoodies to wear letting everyone know about your trip and memories? Every town provides visitors with stores and shops with items unique to each location.

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