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What are Petoskey stones?

What are Petoskey stones?

Petoskey stones are a fascinating type of fossilized coral that are found along the shores of Lake Michigan. These stones, also known as Hexagonaria percarinata, have been shaped by the currents and waves of the lake for millions of years and are often sought after by collectors for their unique patterns and textures.

What sets Petoskey stones apart from other types of coral is their hexagonal shape. This distinctive feature is due to the fact that they were once part of a coral reef that grew during the Devonian period, over 350 million years ago. As the reef grew, the coral formed into hexagonal columns that became fossilized over time.

The stone is named after the town of Petoskey, Michigan, where they were first discovered. Today, Petoskey stones can be found all along the shores of Lake Michigan, from Wisconsin to Michigan. In fact, Petoskey, Michigan, even hosts an annual Petoskey Stone Festival in July, which celebrates these unique stones and features local vendors selling jewelry and art made from Petoskey stones.

The unique patterns found on Petoskey stones are created by the fossilized remains of other creatures that lived in the coral reef. Some stones feature intricate shapes that resemble flowers or other types of marine life. No two Petoskey stones are alike, and collectors will spend hours searching for the perfect stone to add to their collection.

In addition to being sought after by collectors, Petoskey stones have also become popular among artists and crafters who use the stones to create unique jewelry and home décor. From Petoskey stone necklaces and bracelets to coasters and bookends, the possibilities are endless.

If you ever find yourself along the shores of Lake Michigan, keep an eye out for these unique stones. Who knows, you may just find a piece of history and beauty in the form of a Petoskey stone.