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Where should I go Petoskey stone hunting on the Leelanau Peninsula?

Where should I go Petoskey stone hunting on the Leelanau Peninsula?

If you are on the lookout for Petoskey stones, then you have come to the right place! The Leelanau Peninsula is a veritable treasure trove for hunting these iconic rocks, and there are several places that you can explore to get your fix. So grab your backpack, pack some snacks, and let’s dive in!

The Leelanau State Park is a popular destination for many stone hunters. You can find a range of interesting geological formations and plenty of rocks strewn across the shorelines of the beach. The scenery is picturesque, with a wide-open beach that stretches along Lake Michigan and the stunning backdrop of sand dunes in the distance. The stones here are numerous, with the Petoskey stones often buried in the sand and seaweed. A little bit of persistence and luck should see you finding some prime specimens to add to your collection.

Next, if you want a more peaceful setting, head to the Good Harbor Bay beach. Here, you can meander along the shoreline without any crowds and marvel at the beautiful rocks on display. There are plenty of Petoskey stones here, but be warned – they may be smaller than what you’ll find elsewhere. Nonetheless, this is a peaceful, scenic place to hunt for rocks, and you might just enjoy the solitude.

Finally, a hidden gem on the Peninsula is the Clay Cliffs Natural Area. Although it may not be a typical Petoskey stone-hunting destination, the rocks here are interesting, varied, and have a unique character of their own. With rolling hills and deep canyons, it’s an outdoor adventure and also a great location for taking some breathtaking photos.

Petoskey stone hunting can be an addictive hobby and is also a great way to experience nature on the Leelanau Peninsula. Wherever you choose to go, be respectful of the environment and remember to take only memories (and stones!) and leave only footprints. Happy hunting!